You don´t fight your monsters within
You make them your allies

About the Studio

We just like to make games for fun, friendship, experience and why not, a way of living. Our goal is that you experience something that you can be related with

Gaming Plataforms

We are publishing our developments in Steam and

PC Gaming

For now our games ar only for PC


In the near future, we will be releasing games for other consoles

Have Fun

Our video games are designed to have a great time and your enjoyment, we made these games because we would like to play them. We had so much fun when we developed our games and we want that that you have bigger fun while you are playing


We have been working in some projects that you might be interested. Here is some info of them. Except in the last one, we don't talk about it, don't even ask.


Because Hell is a fun and peaceful place


Do you know your/you're REAL self?

Milkman Project

We don't talk about it

Our Team

Find people with the same mental illness that you have and call them friends, then try to make some videogames and you'll see that there is more camarades than you think

Roger Garfield

Alejandro Parra

Programmer - Animator - Designer

Roger Garfield

Arturo Atuesta

Sound and Music Director - Finance - Rockstar

Roger Garfield

Andrés Parra

Producer - Manager - Talent Hunter